Yvonne - 39 Psychotherapist

Yvonne - 39  Psychotherapist

In the workshops I learned to redesign my life!

My family, my marriage and my professional life were all woven together. There were issues surrounding each important area of my life but I couldn’t see them. That changed amazingly as I went through the Summit Workshops.

11 years after we met, my husband and I got married. It was great for a while but slowly it began to get stale, routine. We were in a rut. I started a private practice. We were experiencing some financial pressures and I began chasing the money. I was never home.   

We still loved each other but it was all on the surface. We weren’t as connected as I wanted to be. We weren’t telling each other what we wanted. In fact I really didn’t know what I wanted.

Thanks to Summit, I began to realize that I wasn’t putting anything into my relationship with my husband and my children. I saw that I was the one that was disconnected. I wasn’t being the wife or mom I could be.

In my professional life I was afraid to go for things.I saw myself as “not good enough” and “not smart enough”I also realized I was asking clients to do things that I wasn’t willing to do myself.

In the workshops I learned to redesign my life!

I don’t let things stop me now. I’ve lost my fear of not being enough. I know now that I’m good at what I do and that I can make a difference for others. I’ve started a children’s book entitled “1 2 3  I can only change me”

In my family I started moving away from all of the “doing”. I learned it’s a lot more fun when I let go of the small stuff and that it’s more important to finger paint or play in the back yard than to do those things I just thought had to get done today.

Now our family plans and does things together. My kids want to be around me and it’s more than obvious that my family sees the changes in me.

My children call Summit “Mom’s happy class”. My six year old made a Mother’s Day  card at school for me. His teacher asked the class to finish the  sentence, “My mommy is prettiest when: and this is what he wrote; My Mommy is prettiest when she goes to Summit

My husband says I’m like the 15 year old he fell in love with.

Yvonne Haase

Age:  39

Occupation:  Psychotherapist