Claudia - 29 Physician's Assistant

Claudia - 29 Physician's Assistant

The Summit Education workshops were a life altering experience for me, I transformed my relationships with my family!

In the two most important areas of my life, my FAMILY and my CAREER Summit made an enormous, positive impact.

Before Summit my family was really struggling, There were family members I wasn’t speaking to. I had shut them out of my life. And then, Summit healed my family.

In the workshops I got a sense of ownership of my life. I learned that I am the author of everything that occurs in my life, that I am responsible. This new way of seeing my life was very empowering.

I was able to forgive and let go of pain and resentments and my family began healing. I was able to let go of the things that were weighing me down and standing in my way of being truly happy.

I was able to welcome new members into the family. The bonds continue to strengthen and I now have the family I have always wanted.

In my career as a physicians assistant I was working in a routine, mundane job. And then I woke up! In the workshops I was able to define what I wanted to achieve in life.

 I went from “just a job” in a clinic to the Oncology Unit of a major university. I saw I was able to make my greatest contribution by following my calling, which is to be in service to others.

I don’t work to make a buck. I work to make a difference.

I am so honored and grateful for the chance I had to do the Summit Workshops.

Every day I wake up to my life and I own and love everything I have created.


Age:  29

Occupation:  Physicians Assistant