Masters Course

The Masters Course is an in-depth experience of the philosophical and intellectual foundation of the Breaking Through and Leadership Program.

You will have the opportunity to be a passionate, powerful, force in your life and the world and to generate a future based on your most heartfelt commitments…….

This powerful workshop will support you to take on a specific area and create extraordinary results. If you are up to something big and you want to really catapult yourself forward and really create a new possibility in that domain then the Masters is for you. If you have ever thought about or have the desire to be a trainer then the Masters is a MUST!

If you are currently in Leadership Program, Masters will support you and catapult you forward in your commitments and in your Leadership Program process. Whether you are a Basic graduate, current Leadership Program or a graduate from many years ago, the Masters Workshop is for you. Give yourself a gift and have one of the most powerful and valuable weekends that you have had in a while.


  • Time: 2 Evenings and 2 full days.
  • Prerequisite: Breaking Through, age 18 and over.
  • Tuition: $595 (special price for current Leadership participants $400)

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