Leadership Program

Vision Action & Results

In this three month intensive training you will receive daily coaching and practice in translating your vision for your life into concrete actions and extraordinary results.

In the Leadership Program you will:

  • Master the principles of leadership, personal accomplishment and transformation.
  • Live in contribution and giving as a way of life.
  • Achieve personal excellence in all areas of your life.
  • Experience playing as a team of Leaders.
  • Become the creator of your unprecedented future.


  • Time: Three months with four weekend workshops and evening meetings.
  • Prerequisite: P.E.T. Part One & Part Two, age 18 and over.

Leadership Program Details

The Summit Education Leadership Program provides an intensive 90 to 100 day arena for living the principles of leadership, while being in service to others.

In the Leadership Program, participants receive ongoing coaching and practice in taking concrete actions to produce extraordinary results in their world. Participants discover what is needed to make a difference in the lives of others and learn to communicate and relate in a way that expands possibilities and enriches life for the people with whom they live, work and interact each day. During the program, participants gain vital experience in speaking and acting with a commitment to excellence. This commitment brings forth results in all aspects of their lives that wouldn’t have otherwise happen.

The Leadership Program includes rigorous training in:

  • The principles of leadership
  • Contribution and giving as a way of life
  • Personal excellence
  • Principles of accomplishment
  • Playing as 100% team
  • Creating results consistent with your dreams

The Program is structured to align with the participants’ established commitments to family, work and community life.

There are 4 scheduled weekend workshops consisting of a Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday training. The second weekend includes a ropes “challenge” course. In addition, there are occasional evening meetings and other events that are designed to further the students’ growth. Breaking Through Parts 1 & 2 are prerequisites to the Leadership Program.

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