Breaking Through

Breaking Through is a two part workshop, they are dynamic, innovative and challenging. An environment is created in which people see entirely new possibilities and move beyond previous limitations.

Students achieve this by creating a fundamental shift in the way they see the world, themselves and their relationships with others. Through the workshops, students take decisive action that is consistent with the focus and commitments they choose.

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Breaking Through Part 1

Part 1 is a highly focused coaching environment that provides an opportunity for you to discover and redesign the underlying beliefs and assumptions from which you live your life. Beliefs can be self-fulfilling, self-reinforcing, as well as self-limiting.

Self-fulfilling, because whatever we dewl on expands. Self-reinforcing, because the more ofen they are experience, the more absolute they become. Self-limiting, because they cause us to process information selectively in order to provide our current assumptions with evidence and support.

Part 1 builds a foundation of tools and distinctions that support you in preparing for the work in Part 2.In part 1 you will:

  • Experience a profound shift in how you relate to yourself and others.
  • Awaken the authentic and spontaneous you.
  • Enhance your ability to live effortlessly while accomplishing extraordinary results.
  • Be connected in a way most people do not usually experience.

Time: 3 1/2 days and 2 full days, plus two follow-up sessions. Prerequisite: Age 18 and over.

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Breaking Through Part 2

Part 2 is an intensive, breakthrough-oriented workshop, you will engage in a hands-on discovery of what it takes to live life consistent with your vision for your future, not determined by the past, conditions or limitations, but by reinventing yourself to create the future you declare.

You will:

  • Create living life boldly and passionately.
  • Experience the freedom to Be.
  • Transform your relationship with fear.
  • Act from your heartfelt commitments now.
  • Profoundly experience being at peace with the authentic you.
  • Live life effortlessly.

Time: Five full days and one follow-up session. Prerequisite: Part 1 and age 18 and over.

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Breaking Through was definitely a

Breaking Through was definitely a turning point in my life, I took it solely based on the trust and actions of the person who enrolled me, I never knew my life would never be the same again. I had been walking blind up to this point, basically just doing what I always did and not knowing why except that it was the way I’ve laways been. After the training I realized how I had been selling myself short in many areas of my life and did not even know it, I had kept people away all my life and was missing out on knowling and being with al the people I loved in my life. My eyes were now open like never before and I’ll never be the same again.

What a trip… I came out of

What a trip… I came out of Breaking Through a new woman. Going in I never expected such a powerful transformation. I am committed to my family, friends, and business on a whole different level.

Breaking Through showed me how I lived my life on auto pilot. Now I know that I am the captain of my ship and I can go anywhere I choose to go. I have learned to find meaning in things that were meaningless to me before taking the Breaking Through workshop. The trainers were so supportive and Ken and Kathy were strong and compassionate.

Thanks Summit and everyone who continues to be of service.

Breaking Through was mind blowing for me

Wow! Breaking Through was mind blowing for me. I had done some personal development before but I had apparently only scratched the surface and maybe learned some of the language of transformation, but Breaking Through rocketed me into brand new awarenesses of myself and how I see the world.

As it turns out participating in Breaking Through was a turning point for my entire life. I quit smoking cigarettes 4 days after the workshop, and enrolled in school full time. I switched to night shift at my job to make room for school and other opportunities. I didn’t end up finishing school, or staying at that job. Nothing could hold me back any longer. I negotiated two great jobs that year doubling my income in the process and started my current business not 18 months after the trainings.

Every area of my life transformed. I am now happily married, a leader in my community, and extremely confident that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I was on track for none of this prior to the workshop. In fact, I was quite insecure and pessimistic. I thank God often for the people who introduced me to Summit and stood for me to take the Workshops.

Thank you Ken and the rest of the Summit Family.