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Breaking Through was mind blowing for me

Wow! Breaking Through was mind blowing for me. I had done some personal development before but I had apparently only scratched the surface and maybe learned some of the language of transformation, but Breaking Through rocketed me into brand new awarenesses of myself and how I see the world.

As it turns out participating in Breaking Through was a turning point for my entire life. I quit smoking cigarettes 4 days after the workshop, and enrolled in school full time. I switched to night shift at my job to make room for school and other opportunities. I didn’t end up finishing school, or staying at that job. Nothing could hold me back any longer. I negotiated two great jobs that year doubling my income in the process and started my current business not 18 months after the trainings.

Every area of my life transformed. I am now happily married, a leader in my community, and extremely confident that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I was on track for none of this prior to the workshop. In fact, I was quite insecure and pessimistic. I thank God often for the people who introduced me to Summit and stood for me to take the Workshops.

Thank you Ken and the rest of the Summit Family.


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