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Their program was superb!

Our seminar and consulting company trains doctors of chiropractic and their teams in success, fulfillment, leadership and peak performance. Because our elite group of high achievers has done many programs on personal and professional excellence, we have become rather discriminating in our selection of presenters and experiential learning. For that reason, we were directed toward Summit Education by one of our coaches, who had trained with them for years.

Their program was superb! Intelligently conceived and presented, it subtly asked so much of our participants, who came away with useful distinctions on teamwork, leadership, inter- and intrapersonal communication, and we all had fun doing it. Their style is playful but meaningful, and the elegance of their program was impressive, even for jaded seminar goers who feel they’ve seen it all. Highly recommended!

Bob Hoffman DC
Dennis Perman DC
for The Masters Circle


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