FL154 Opens Haiti Medical Clinic

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FL154's Legacy Project was to build a medical clinic in Haiti, and as of mid 2010, FL154 has made a difference in the lives of 4,600 people in Haiti! 21 ordinary people with an extraordinary vision got together in mid 2008 - with only 90 days to make their "Project Haiti" vision a reality! They initially intended to build a school, but when they heard how far people had to travel to the nearest clinic, they decided to build a clinic.

FL154 teamed up with Ken Whitten of Vision International Missions who was already very involved in charitable work in Haiti, and used VIM's 501c status in their fund-raising. Their 1st charity dinner fundraiser at China Grill - it was a really grand, up-class event - raised around 10k. Several fund-raisers followed, including one in mid 2009 which local business community leader and network extraordinaire Alan Feuerman of South Florida Business Connections helped organize. It was an amazing event, combining networking, local business sponsorship, dinner, and local entertainment. The local Coral Springs Kenpo Karate school performed and donated $600 (which their young students raised separately through their own fund-raising!). The event raised around 4k for Haiti.

Several FL154 team members traveled to Haiti in 2009 to visit the clinic and learn more about Haiti. It was an enlightening trip. When the quake hit in 2010, our nurse, Nadine, was brought to Port-au-Prince to help. Ken Whiten mobilized a US team and traveled to Haiti to bring relief. They've made 3 trips since the quake, and have seen about 4,000 people.