About Us

Summit Education Inc

Summit Education is a South Florida based company which offers adult educational workshops designed to enhance personal effectiveness, we also offer personal and professional one on one coaching. The courses are based on the premise that all of us, as human beings, are often limited by our current belief systems. The workshops and coaching dare us to see beyond our current paradigms and explore the untapped possibilities that await us in life. As a result, success can be effortless and greatness becomes achievable!

The workshops are dynamic, innovative and challenging. An environment is created in which people see entirely new possibilities and move beyond previous limitations. Students achieve this by creating a fundamental shift in the way they see the world, themselves and their relationships with others. Through the workshops, students take decisive action that is consistent with the focus and commitments they choose.

The workshops are based on learning technology that was first developed over 65 years ago for government, business and industry. Through constant refinement and redesign, these methods have evolved into Summit Education’s Curriculum, in which participants break free from previous paradigms to create a vast array of new possibilities.

Unlike many courses, our students don’t spend long hours taking notes, or trying to get the right answer. Our students actively participate in exercises that allow them to experience their own learning and discovery.

Our trainers are experienced professionals from all over the world and present workshops and seminars in their areas of expertise.

Courses range in length from 2 to 5 days and are all held at various hotels around South Florida.

The Summit Education Training’s Background

Summit Education’s workshops are designed to use an experiential or participatory learning model. The roots of the experiential model date back to 1947 at the National Training Laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland. There, researchers developed what was called the “process learning model” involving the use of exercises (processes) which enabled participants to learn from the whole experience instead of just the intellectual input. NTL provided programs for government, business, industry and the public throughout the 1950′s and 1960′s. During the late 1960′s and the 1970′s, a rapid synthesis of education, technology, ethics, philosophy and psychology began; by the early 1970′s, commercial training or seminar companies such as Summit Education began to flourish.

Summit Education operates from the position that the issues that are the greatest sources of satisfaction and accomplishment in adult life – for example, love, relationships, fitness, giving and receiving feedback, making and keeping commitments, and communication – are not fully accessible intellectually, they also need to be experienced. Summit Education has, therefore, developed a Curriculum based on experiential education.

In Summit Education’s workshops, people participate in a structured series of exercises, conversations, and games that are metaphors for life. They come face-to-face with many of their unexamined practices and assumptions about life that invisibly shape their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

The Summit Education workshops are founded as well in the philosophical thinking of modern Western philosophers such as Martin Heidegger, Soren Kierkegaard, and Jean-Paul Sartre. The premise of Summit Education’s workshops is the idea that human beings are not fixed entities with fixed characteristics, but rather that, to a great extent, we have the capacity to design ourselves, our behavior, and our lives within certain limitations of history and physical circumstance.

The objective of the Summit Education workshops is to give people a new sense of freedom about themselves and their lives such that they accomplish extraordinary results, achieve deeper personal satisfaction, and take responsibility for the difference they make in the world.